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Manufacturer: HT Window Fashions, City of Industry, California USA
Steel Head Rail: Standard headrail is 1 high by 1-1/8 U shaped channel. Phosphate coated vinyl primered finished with a polyester baked enamel. HT also offers 1 high by 1-1/2 integrated headrail.
Bottom Rail: Closed rail, phosphate coated and vinyl primered finished with a polyester baked enamel
Bottom Rail End Cap: High Strength PVC cap with hole in the middle for cord to go through.
Slats: Cold rolled spring tempered virgin aluminum slat. To have normal width of 1 and be 0.006 thickness after paint, to provide maximum strength and flexibility. Slats to be finished with a polyester baked enamel. Slat with 0.008 thickness after paint is available too.
Tilter: The tilter shall be worm gear design and shall be in an enclosed housing and secured by means of steel rivets to prevent separation. The stem shall be made of clear polycarbonate, the gear of polyacetal and the housing of clear polycarbonate, prelubed prior to assembly to assure durability and ease of use.
Tilt Wand: Tilt wand should be plastic measuring approximately 5/16, fluted with grooves for non slip grip.
Valance: Double slat with clips to mount to 1 headrail. No valance required for 1-1/2 headrail.
Ladders: Braided polyester with spacing of not more than 0.865 and arranged for total support of slat.
Tilt Rod: D shaped and galvanized to prevent corrosion.
Spring: Made of hardened steel. Provides tension to cord and holds blind in place
Bobbins: Two bobbins are fastened to the bottom corners of the window. They hold the blind in place and prevent swinging.
Installation Bracket: Box bracket with hinged door. Constructed of cold rolled steel. Finished with polyester baked enamel. Coating to match color of blind.
Fire Safety: Blind materials have been tested in accordance with the procedures outlined in NFPA 701 Fire Test 1.
Main Office:    770 S. Epperson Drive, City of Industry, CA 91748
Telephone:    (626) 839-8866            Toll Free:    (800) 879-9512            FAX:    (626) 839-8861
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